The Captains log: Hong kong

Opening of the Outpost


We've put together some pics from the other nights Dim Sum and Drink some party! Just realized we didn't actually take that many photos, but you get the idea. It was a great night with some yum grinds, cold beers, good mates and some live tunes! We'll have to do it again soon. Stay tuned as we'll be organising some movie nights and jam sessions! Thanks everyone for coming, we are so grateful for your support! Don't forget to check the video at the bottom!

FC openingFC openingFC openingFC openingFC openingFC openingFC openingFC openingFC openingFC opening

Float Captain - Aberdeen Outpost from float captain on Vimeo.

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Explore - Mavericks Hong Kong


We recently checked out Mavericks HK  and to our  surprise it was far from what we expected. You would think that you were somewhere in Cali, Cabo or Hawaii. With its super chill vibe and great selection of food and drinks, its hard not to want to spend the day here.  The menu was designed by Neil Tomes who hails from Beef & Liberty. Jay FC artist, designer and owner came up with this unique concept. We had a chat and he had the following to say “We use to come here a lot during weekends and really fell in love with the place, we figured out we might as well move here and make something of it. Mavericks was born as Hong Kongs first unique bar/resto/surf shack/skate shack/concept all rolled into one.” 

Throughout the year they regularly host events and parties, not to mention surf camps with Treasure Island and Vans. Inside the venue there is also a merch area where they carry gear imported from the US but also many local brands as they are big supporters of the local music, art, surf/skate scene.

So dont forget to check them out and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Mavericks HK is located at:

PuiO beach, Lantau Island Hong Kong

Telephone:  5662 8552

Opening Hours: Fridays 530-1130pm

Saturdays 11am – 1130pm

 Sundays 11am-1130pm



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Behind the Scenes


For our 2015 collection we wanted to try something a little different and screen print our own tees. This would allow us the freedom of experimenting with more styles without being tied down with printing quantities at the factory. It was a long process of trial and error, from getting the right size of the print screens, mixing paints, to aligning the shirts over different layers. The end product is a one-of-a-kind hand-printed tee, as they are all ever so slightly different in some way.

In some of our designs we wanted to re-create the FC green from our first collection's Typhoon tee, so we mixed 1 part white with 1 part green and ¼ part blue. We ended up using it on a few of the styles like our Crossover, Saikung Shakas and Supa Furoto.

One of the main challenges of screen printing is aligning the graphic onto the shirt, and having 21 styles doesn’t make this process any easier. So we came up with different lines on the palette that serves as a marker for each style and size. A measured line in the center also helps us eyeball the alignment when we are in doubt.

Some tips to share:

-Keep the work area and your hands clean, and have a wet clean piece of cloth ready for cleaning your hands.

-Check the screen carefully for pinholes and fill them with a screen touch-up pen or cover them with a piece of tape. (We learned this the hard way!)

-Line up you screen carefully. A long ruler or t-square usually helps to make sure the design is straight. 

-Not all shirts or other garments are sewn correctly or consistently. So you may not be able to use the collar or center crease to position a shirt. The most reliable way we’ve found to center a shirt is to feel the side of the shirt where the seam is.

-Try for a consistent 45 degree angle when applying ink to the screen. Ink goes on pretty smooth at this angle. At an angle of 60-degrees or more, the ink may not get through the mesh correctly and evenly. An angle of 30-degrees or less can make the ink print too heavily onto the fabric.

- Make more than one squeegee pass to print. Try to do as many as 3, but that is usually the most you need. 

-When drying the print, you will 120 degrees of heat for the ink to cure (dry) properly. This can be a combination of a blow dryer + iron or if you can, use a flash heater!

-if ironing, make sure the print is dry so it wont stick, do not iron directly over the shirt, use a cotton cloth or a handkerchief on top of the print and give it a good press.


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2015 Lookbook


For 2015 we have taken a more tailored and crafted approach by screen printing all of our new tees in-house. Introducing trunks and fins into our collection this year,  we have broadened our horizons by tapping further into our the beach culture roots. Clouds, lines, camo prints, and abstract brush stroke patterns are a central theme running through our trunks and boardies. Designed to provoke and intrigue, our tee prints ride on our theme of graphical slogans, paying homage to our identity here in Hong Kong and abroad. 

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A night with: The Stay Up


We spent last night at the Fringe clubs new(ish) space "The Dairy', for the EP launch from The Stay Up (許懷欣) ! Also performing were The Pancakes & Oh! Nullah, but unfortunately we only caught the end of the Oh! Nullah set which was still pretty awesome!​

I was stoked to get the vinyl giveaway at the event too, each ticket came with a 7" with 2 tracks on it. Just need to located a player so i can listen to my growing collection of random records that i have managed to amass over the years. Anyway back to the gig... Ryans set was sweet, i hadnt heard much of his music until now, glad to finally get a chance to do so! Refreshing sounds and great support from the crowd too. Ryan played a selection of his own new and old tracks as well as a song with DeeJay from the Pancakes, and closing with a great solo cover of Dylans 'Times they are a-changin'. You guys should def check out his stuff on iTunes and support our homegrown talent!

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Sea what? w/ Phey Palma


"Sea what?" is a series of photos taken by photographers from different places and differrent walks of life. We wanted to see how they view Float Captain through their lenses, we're stoked to see how each one will turn out!

"A Filipino who's been in HK all my life  and making a living as a Photographer. As i always say "I'm just a dude with a camera" who loves making photographs and spending time with my family & friends. I am fortunate enough to spend a good amount of time on personal projects, hanging out and collaborating with a bunch of awesome peeps. Won a couple of major photography contests in HK like HK Asia Tatler, Leica & Wyng foundation. A sucker for photography assignments whenever i had the chance.  When you see me roaming around HK shooting either street photography or shooting Gorgeous Bikini-clad models at the beach....don't be shy and say hi!"

Check his work at

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A night with: The Merriweather Deer


Intimate venue, great wine, bean bags and great tunes. Sounds like a decent gig? Thats sums up the Merriweather deer gig last night at The Platform, check out pics below for more!


The Platform is a newish event space on top of the Opendoor Cafe located in Sai Ying Pun. The size was perfect for an intimate gig, and if you were lucky enough to be near the front you were welcomed by bean bags and cushions covering the floor. We ended up bringing some wine (from of course) which went down great with the crowd, maybe because it was free?  It was great to see some familiar faces and meet new ones for those who came to hang over at our little merch table.

The night was opened by Karmen Cheung who played a great solo acoustic set. It was the first time i had heard this talented singer / songwriter, solid! Will definitely keep an eye out for future shows!

The Merriweather Deer didn’t disappoint as usual, playing a electro/acoustic set of a mix of old and new material as well as a couple of sick covers. Awesome energy and talent again from the boys,  we can’t wait for the new album to come out. Lighting and sound was solid too!

Thanks again TMD for letting us part of the event!

PS: low light photography is hard when you dont know what you are doing!

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Twenty Bliss


We caught up with curator Sarah Kohler to find out a little more on the Twenty Bliss collective! Check our the images and article below on how it all came about and whats in store for the future!


I decided to start a blog to collect stories from creatives in their twenties. Actual stories. I was tired of reading bullet pointed lists of excuses and “You know you’re in your twenties when…”. I don’t want to be defining anyone, but rather, let young creatives be heard, inspired and empowered on a creative platform. It can be lonely and scary at times being at this age. I wanted TwentyBliss to be real and relatable. 

We should be seeking inspiration, not validation. 

I had also been trying to curate a group show with friends where I could show some of my photography. I got turned down by a couple galleries, some confirmed then fell through last minute etc. and it just didn’t work out for some time... Until 2013! I decided to turn TwentyBliss into a series of exhibitions as well. A series of group shows for emerging artists that people could lend their spaces to and not only invest in them, but be a mentor to a community of artists. It gave people more of an incentive to help because it meant they could be a part of something too. 

TwentyBliss is definitely a community first and community driven platform and that will always be my priority for it. The internet is inherently very social and I’m going to use it to build something that’s inclusive of the rest of the world.

We just did our first international show in Los Angeles this year and am looking to be in London next year. I hope to be a brand of exhibitions that will be independently curated, where artists and curators from all over the world will be able to apply and host their very own TwentyBliss show. Supporting local artists and curators globally. 

Our first two exhibitions were in Hong Kong. We put out an open call for submissions for the second show. For the third show, a curator from LA actually approached me and asked if he could host one over there. I gave him the materials he needed and he just went for it. Finding his own artists and sculpted a show himself under the TwentyBliss name. It was awesome! 

what happens at 30?

Yikes. A lot can happen in a year and I’ve got about 6 more years ‘till I’m 30… However, I  am true believer of being the person you needed when you were younger and I hope to still be doing the same thing (and preferably full-time! haha). Helping even more young creatives / content creators in even more places and with even more resources!

Sarah Kohler

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