McCoy 5'6 Astron Zot

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"Astron Zot designs are completely unique in all aspects; the plan shape is a beautifully balanced ellipse, which blends with the thickness balance, combining with perfect rocker curves, flowing into the loaded dome located under the back foot for maximum control.

These features blend into the softened bottom rail, with a 60-40 balance; the softened bottom rail runs right through the board into the tail area, providing the board with greater holding qualities on hollow waves, eliminating the need to add extra fins.

Astron Zot designs are for wave size 1’ ~ 6’ in any conditions, their performance capabilities have to be experienced to be believed; very quick with fast positive reactions, short arc, up beat , FUN surfing.”

`Geoff McCoy

Wave height: 2-6ft
Skill level: Intermediate-Advanced
5' 6" X 21 1/2" X 2 3/4" 
single gull wing fin

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