Misfit 5'5 Dope Machine

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The Dope Machine is the second installment of a collaboration with George Hendo of A Dead Coffin Club. Fundamentally, it is the refined and more responsive little brother of the Sinister Kid. They have pulled the nose in and narrowed the whole outline by 1 inch for a responsive, tighter turning board that allows positioning in more critical parts of a wave. The rail volume is reduced slightly, rocker increased and bottom concave adjusted for a more a lively ride. The diamond tail then gives the board a shorter rail line, so the water breaks earlier which creates an early pivot point. A pure Dope machine. Ride 6- 8" shorter, 1" wider and same thickness as your regular shortboard.

Wave height: 1-4ft
Skill level: Beginner-Advanced
5' 5" X 20 1/4" X 2 7/16"
Futures 5 fin *fins not included

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