Yater Classic


Rennie created this design for high performance single fins in the mid-70̥s. This one has become quite versatile and is used over a wide spectrum. Retro single fins, longboard single fins, and a fantastic 2+1 center fin cover just a bit of the possibilities. The upright template, combined with minimal flex, creates a fin that has stood the test of time!

SMALLER SIZES ( 6.5ÌÒ- 7.5ÌÒ ) A great size to match up with some 3.7ÌÒ sidebites.

6.5" Blue , Black

7.5" clear, yellow

LARGER SIZES ( 8ÌÒ - 10ÌÒ ) Try these sizes on your favorite single fin boards.

9" Kelp, Red


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