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The Captains log

Typhoon Stalking - Hong Kong edition

Typhoon Haima rolled through Hong Kong earlier today. It was originally a Cat 5 Typhoon before it hit the Philippines (Hope you guys are ok!). With winds packing up to 220KPH and heading towards Hong Kong it has promised to deliver...

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Board Review - 5'9 DHD Mini Twin

Never really being into Twinnies i didn't know what to expect but was really keen to give it another go after seeing some recent footage of guys like Asher Pacey and Ryan Burch tearing on their twinnies. I really liked...

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Typhoon Stalking 2.0

During the months of July and August is the perfect time to go swell chasing in the Philippines. The monsoon on the West Coast and the Typhoons on the East coast can provide tons of waves, its just a matter...

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