Trip Of A Lifetime - Mentawai Islands For JK's 40th

 Over a year and a half in the making and well worth the wait. We scored all types of waves and countless solo sessions with just the six of us (plus Bootsy of course). With only one day of small waves, the surf cranked leaving us stoked and surfed-out by day 12.

Fast forward to May 2023 and it did happen, and here are the pics,  Enjoy! 

First stop - Playgrounds

     "We're gonna take it easy boys, so we will start here" says Bootsy, our surf guide.             


 "We have a bit of a swell coming in so better hit the sack and we will hit water at sunrise" 

Next stop, Telescopes



Next - Macaronis 


 Pam Burridge

Next- HT's (Hollow Trees)

Next stop - Roxys

Next stop - Goyong Goyong

Next stop- Lance's left

Next stop - Ebay & Beng Beng

We had some laydays too.

Next stop - Kitkats

Next stop - Batcaves

It was definitely worth the  trip. We had the best crew, the best chef Dayan and the best Surf guide Bootsy. We also able to meet and surf with  some legends, making this trip definitely one for the books so until next time!




How to get there - Book Pelagic Surf Charters!


Peace out for now- Craig-San

photos : @fc_bryantvallejo_fc & @pelagicsurfcharters