Code Red 2: Big Swell on the South Shore, Oahu Hawaii

"Charts are going off, this south swell is predicted at 4-6 ft and 17-21 secs on Saturday and peaking at 8-12 ft at 17-19 secs on Sunday" - Surfline.

Sounds big? you bet! This historic swell arrived during the weekend of July 16-17, 2022 and we were lucky enough to be able to witness and document it.

Baby Haleiwa
Friday was a bit smaller, with 2-4ft swell and building up. Saturday was all time and pumping.
Both pros and amateurs showed up for this historic swell



Barrels for days




amazing how these guys can get in the barrel really deep

Some old timers showed up too.




nice sequence




 super grom in the making




Not everyone made the drop. In this guy's case, pin-drop.


New found respect for these guys. 



  Party wave at 10ft face

Outer Reef  going off



What a spectacle, it was historic indeed!


All photos by fc_bryantvallejo_fc , Hit us up if you want to use the photos.