Explore - Tai Long Wan

Your average Joe would never believe that surfing even existed in Hong Kong. Surprisingly, we get our fair share of swell during our NE monsoon and Summer typhoons which can produce some decent surf at various spots dotted around Hong Kong. The most fabled of these is Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung which is located inside  a country park and consists of three bays with beaches. Each of these produce their own surf setups and the most popular being the largest bay which produces the  strongest and largest waves during a strong NE monsoon or typhoon swell. It’s a neat setup with beautiful scenery and best surfed at a mid tide at 4-6ft on a NE swell.

The beach is beautiful and long and hugged  by big mountains on all sides providing a stunning backdrop. Popular with hikers, campers and surfers, this is a special place for many of us; a place where we escape the rigors of city life and where all our problems seem to dissipate. The surf can get very good with hollow left and right peaks running down the beach and even on a bad day I still feel rejuvenated after making the trip here. 

Its the long distance from the city that makes it special and keeps it pristine. We are proud to have such a place and must ensure we keep it this way. still feel rejuvenated after making the trip here. During the winter months you will need a wetsuit, but a good 3/2 will do just fine. In the summer you can surf in your boardshorts no problem as it can get scorching hot in Hong Kong too! Its the long distance from the city that makes it special and keeps it pristine. Part of the hike from the national park will cover Section 2 of the MacLehose Trail which is a favourite for hikers.

How to get there?

- take the MTR to Diamond Hill and go out of exit C2

- take the 92 bus to the Sai Kung terminus.

- At Sai kung bus terminus take a green taxi or  the 29R minubus to the Sai Wan Pavillion or the 94 bus to Pak Tam Au. Both will take around 90 minutes to get into the main beach (the other bays are a little quicker)