DIY Organic Surf wax

One of the things ive often though about adding into the Float Captain product line was a simple bar of surf wax. It seemed logical that a surf related brand should at least try and make surf wax since its something that every surfer needs to use.  After researching and talking to factories it seemed like the most hassle free option was to make it ourselves by hand using organic and readily available materials rather than using weird chemicals that we couldn't even pronounce.

Organic wax is essentially made up of 2 - 3 materials, which are beeswax, coconut oil and sometimes tree sap (for cold water wax). Most recipes seem to revolve around 2 parts beeswax and 1 part coconut oil. However after some trial and error i wanted a more exact method of measuring so its easier to repeat at least. i found a great blog by Crafty Surf who did just that (using the density of the beeswax and the equivalent liquid measurement in grams). 

So what do you need?

- 160 grams of beeswax

- 2 US tablespoons of coconut oil ( 29.5ml)

- kitchen scale

- old pot for mixing

- moulds (we use silicone soap moulds after an epic fail using yoghurt cups…longstory short, the cup melted)

You can start by melting the beeswax in the pot first, don't forget to use low heat or you'll be in for a unpleasant surprise. Once the beeswax has melted you can add in the coconut oil and keep stirring until both are mixed well.  Once that is done you just pour into your moulds and let it set! Depending on the material of your moulds the setting time can vary, but i usually just leave it overnight.  The whole process (minus the setting) is  just measuring, melting and pouring so its relatively quick and easy. 

It may not smell as nice as normal wax, or maybe there is something wrong with ours haha! But its good fun to try yourself.  Alternatively if you don't want to go through the hassle of finding slabs of beeswax, tubs of coconut oil and fancy tree sap (which im still trying to find that special blend) then you can get some from our shop here!