DIY Tank top and singlet

So until we manage to produce singlets and tank top, this will have to do! We've outlined a couple of simple steps to transform a normal t-shirt into a fresh new tank top or singlet. Its usually recommended to use an old t-shirt thats a little bit larger than you would usually wear just so there is some room for error.

DIY Tank Singlet

The first step is lay the tshirt flat onto a table and mark where you want to cut the sleeves.

- before you cut make sure both sides are even and aligned

- now go ahead and cut! but try to avoid making small cuts.

- once you have cut both sides you can grab both ends of the new "sleeve" and give it a few good tugs and stretch the fabric a bit. This should give a nice uniform curl in the sleeve (kind of creating a hem...maybe)

- now mark out the collar cut. This is optional of course as you can keep it the same as it was originally. However there are also many ways to do the collar so go nuts!

- After cutting you can do the tugging again so you have the same look as the sleeves.

- you can always tie the spare cuts of fabric around the shoulders or back to refine the shape/cut a bit.