Explore - Zambales

A 3 hours drive away from Manila, Zambales is the perfect place to get away for a reef break. Magical Left- the best spot during south swell, offers a chance for both beginner surfers and the more advanced to experience the excitement of the ocean.  

Whilst its proximity to Manila may ward off some, there is no need to worry, as the lack of crowds is evident in the fact that Zambales is a popular weekend get-away for city surfers. There are numerous points to go surfing: Magic Left, Mags, Liw Liwa, San Narciso and River Mouth. The variety of different locations allow surfers to test themselves against all kinds of breaks- a challenge that many enjoy. 

Thankfully, for those who can’t take a full on surf weekend, there are numerous activities that one can enjoy ranging from hiking, fishing, island hopping and adventures into the wonders of nature. 

Ways to get there:
-    3 hour drive via SCTEX highway to Subic then to Zambales province.
-    Bus 5-6 hours bus ride (Victory Liner).

Places to stay:
-    Punta De Uian (Magsaysay) https://www.facebook.com/PDUofficial - provides a more upscale feel with a family resort and a very nice location close to the beach
-    Villa Janella Residences and Beach Resort http://www.villajanella.com/ - modest family resort. 
-    Megan’s Resort https://www.facebook.com/pages/Megans-Paradisio-Beach-Resort/144706228902343 - surfers discount and low-priced stay and food. Excellent location on beach front. 
-    Capones Vista Resort http://www.caponesvista.com/ - busy and popular due to proximity to Mags beach.