A night with: Franco

Franco Reyes is a song writer/musician from Cebu. In 2009 him and other well known musician formed the super band "Franco" and immediately rose to prominence. . Being true to his music he continues to write, play , sing and produce his materials.

How do u describe your music?

I really don't describe my music as anything or how or who it sounds like. music is music. its an expression of emotions. its the influence of the times we find ourselves living in. everybody influences everybody. my music is my outlet. my salvation. my safe little nook in the far corner of my head… or to be less dramatic, i actually just leave it to the people who listen to my music and how they perceive it. 

Does your love for surfing influence your music? Or your love for music influence your surfing?

 Both. it is apparent on the song that i wrote, a beautiful diversion, that surfing has greatly influenced my music, and if it wasn't for music, i wouldn't have experienced surfing if i hadn't played on that certain baler 2010 gig which introduced me to my first surfing experience. borrowing a 7'6'' from aliya surf camp not knowing what to expect and do with a surfboard. i just went out, got in the water and had fun even if i didn't catch any waves, but having to experience mother nature in that medium was an enlightenment. it also has been shown time and time again by the people we see as our idols. our rock and surfing gods has shown us numerous times that music and surfing go hand in hand.

Describe your ultimate surf session?

I think it was april 2011. first time surfing in giuan, calicoan in samar. got there early pm with jan jan mendoza and a few friends from tacloban with 2 gallons of tuba for the drinking session with the locals that night. everything was dark except for the nipa hut that we stayed in, facing the ocean with a cut off top of a mineral water jug incasing a candle, but i couldn't really get a good picture of the water nor how the waves were since the moon wasn't even out. the night sky glittered that night though. drank and got to know some of the locals, shared stories, slept in my hammock, woke up 530am. the sun woke me up and was already peeking through the horizon. drinking tea with a hearty breakfast prepared by our new local friends while watching lines of glassy waist to chest high waves. "there will be waves all day on all the ABCD points," they say. the smile on my face was from ear to ear. only a handful of people in the line up. even our lunch was cut short due to mother nature giving us awesome-wave-after-wave that day. surfed all day, got stoked, ate great fresh local food, met new local friends, enjoying the awesome surf spot, spent quality time with mother nature, soaked in the sunny weather, being away from babylon for a few of days! that was a great experience. the next day, Repeat!

If you are working on a new album pls give us some ideas/insights or maybe a teaser?

 i really don't sit and plan on making an album. i just tend to write as much as i can overtime because everyday is a different mindset, different influences, different mood, different feeling, so compiling all those into a song that i am creating out of nothing, is something magical. we're currently recording an EP consisting of 6 songs at Tower of Doom.