Explore - Taitung

We arrived into Kaoshiung on an early Thursday night, as we expected the drive was up to Taitung (台東) was going to be long and tricky. Luckily we had a GPS and google maps on our smartphones.  It took us 4 hours to drive from Kaoshioung City to Taitung going over the amazing mountains that separate East and West townships. We found this hotel called Y.E.S Hotel (Yare Ease Satisfaction) which was only located 25 minutes away from Dong He, one of the main areas we were exploring.  We set our alarm at 6am, checked the forecast one last time and then called it a night.

 We drove to Donghe Bridge for a spot check and this is what greeted us

 Next day was bit windy so we decided to explore some other spot .It was not what we expected although there were some good sets we decided to give it a miss and head back to Jinzu. On our way back we passed by some spots with good potential and zero crowds, you can imagine how these breaks are on a good day, Truly amazing!

Before we left for the airport we decided to have one more session and we weren't disappointed, the swell was decreasing but still solid head high fun sets.

We all agreed that we will come next winter and explore some new waves up north, fingers crossed…