DIY - GoPro mouth mount

Not a big fan of selfie sticks and self potraits? No problem! You can make a DIY GoPro mouth mount that captures your point of view so you can start posting your session pics and vids of that sick wave you took.

All need is:

Mouth Piece for your scuba dive shop

Super Glue

Gopro case with Floaty Backdoor (close/waterproof)

Mount with screw (refer to the picture)

Plastic wire tightener (black)

1) make sure everything is dry and clean.

2) Apply the super glue on the mount and inside the scuba mouth piece

3) Stick the pieces together until it dries

4) Use the plastic tightener to secure the joint

5) Put the pieces together (mouth mount and gopro case) and make sure the case is water tight before using

6) Have fun with it!