Board review - Pavel 5'10 Speed Dialer

rich pavel speed dialierI'd heard a lot about Rich Pavel being the Godfather of the modern day fish, he is creator of the Speed Dialer board as well as the lokbox Speed dialer fins. His boards were hard to come by so when I finally managed to snag a 5"10 from a shop in California we were all stoked!

On first impressions it looks like a regular quad fish but look closely and you can see all the details that make this a special fish. Low entry beak nose, winged tail, slight concave deck, beautiful sloped rails and a vee to double to single concave out the tail for a tonne of speed.

I took it out at lined up Courts at Ala Moana (Hawaii) with a solid SW swell running at about chest to head high. Paddling was as expected with a fish although this one was narrower than my other fishes usually running at 21" wide. Getting into a few set waves took sometime but I finally managed to stroke into a few. Once up the board felt super drivey and fast down the line. A lot faster than expected and with a much more controlled and a precise feel. Surfing the waves top to bottom was easy and I found that I could push it really hard through cut backs and not have it slide out.

The lok box Speed dialer quad fins work insane and give you a lot of hold with a decent amount of release off the tail too when coming off the top. They are basically a pair of twin keel fins that are split into two fins . The lok box fin box allows you to adjust the position of the fins and I experimented over a few sessions to get my preferred position sorted.

All in all a very well balanced board which was easy to ride and really fast. I found the board definitely preferred lined up waves with some power. I found it didn't grovel as well as my other fishes which had a wider planing surface and less rocker.

rich pavel speed dialierrich pavel speed dialierrich pavel speed dialier