Explore - Bali surf check

Quick run-down of a recent Bali surf trip! When we arrived the forecast was off the charts showing 12ft+ at 16secs interval, which sounded a little much for those of us who have been out of the water for some time. We spoke to some local guides and they suggested Balangan should be working well, not too big and maybe about overhead and epic conditions. So after a 45 minute drive we caught a glimpse of Balangan and our jaws dropped to see it double over head with only a few guys out.


 After deciding to pass on that, we headed on to check Padang Padang. Here it was around 10ft but was breaking super fast.

We finally met our boat guide and he brought us to Toro Toro, a right hander reef that breaks nearby to the airport. It was super fun around 8-10ft and long lulls but heavy crowds. Apparently Toro is super mellow during big swells and is a favorite among beginners and advance alike.

The swell has dropped overnight and the next day it was around 4-6 ft so we decided to go back and check Balangan again.  It was packed, but luckily it can handle large crowds as the break has several different peaks.