Typhoon Stalking 2.0

During the months of July and August is the perfect time to go swell chasing in the Philippines. The monsoon on the West Coast and the Typhoons on the East coast can provide tons of waves, its just a matter of knowing when to go.

With the effect of La Nina, the anticyclone was active mostly on the South China Sea which means less or no storms at all during this time of the year. Luckily some low pressure started forming on the Pacific Ocean side and intensified the southwest monsoon on the South China Sea.

First stop is Baler, one of our favorite local spot. With the short swell period we managed to score just a day of swell.

With the swell picking up on the west coast, I decided to pack my board and started the 12 hrs long bus ride from Baler to Zambales via Manila. The forecast didn’t look so promising as the wind will be blowing at 10mph making the beach break choppy.

Then Mac (Ramos of Crystal Beach Resort) tagged me along to check out this cove which is half an hour ride by banca (local outrigger) and we were not disappointed. The swell was perfectly aligned to the cove which is protected from the wind, giving us glassy head to overhead perfection.

Surfers – (wahine ) Bea Vega
(Pinoy power) Mac Ramos