Explore - Baler

Intoxicating, heavenly, and amazing- my three words used to describe Baler. Located in the Aurora province of the Philippines, Baler is a paradise for any and all to just come and chill. The long coastline was host to the classic film Apocalypse Now and ever since has been regarded as a surfer’s dream. It has beach break points, river mouths and reef breaks- the perfect place for surfers to just go all out.

Walking across the soft grey sand into the crystalline water is an incomparable experience. This doesn’t just apply to one beach, fortunately. For a surf, you can go to Sabang beach, Cemento beach, Charlie’s point and Lindy’s point, all offering unique but memorable surfing experiences. The friendly people of the place get to enjoy beach weather for the whole year with a 35 degree summer and a (at low) 18 degree December with the best waves roll between October and Febuary when the NE monsoon comes down from China. You know what that means- surfing in boardies all year round. 

But after you’re done riding the waves, you can enjoy the view and the hundreds of other activities Baler offers. The summer months blow in a light sea breeze, prefect to go windsurfing, diving and snorkelling and to eat the all-time favourite Baler seafood.

Serene and popular as Baler is, there are many places to stay and enjoy. Costa Pacifica offers comfy stay, while those seeking more budget rooms, can go to Mahdox surf school.

Baler is without a doubt a place to add to your bucket list to go and check off. Enjoy the surf.

How to get there?

4-5 hours drive from Manila

6-7 hours bus ride from Cubao (Genisis Bus Co.)